Providing the ultimate productivity tool to your workforce… our dialler solution ensures your outbound contact centre is reaching its engagement potential.
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Three modes of operation…

Static – Used for automated outbound voice campaigns using the progressive preview dialler

Individual – Allowing agents to make ‘ad-hoc’ outbound calls

Agent Call Back – Allowing agents to schedule a call back to a customer

Integrated cloud-based PBX…

Our cloud-based PBX makes the dialler suitable for both hard-phone and pc-based soft-phone

Better prepared agents…

With the progressive pre-view dialler your agents will see the call details before the call is made, allowing them be to fully prepared for the call.

Pre-view dialler perks…

Avoid those unprofessional ‘silent calls’ and unintentional spamming situations. Our outbound dialler is configured so that the call will only begin when the agent is actually ready.

Reporting and audit trails…

Fully customisable real-time wallboards reporting on live information. Alongside the ability to review all voice mention records.

Over-the-phone demonstration

Maximise your workforce productivity today by requesting an “over-the-phone” demonstration of our Progressive Outbound Dialler, by clicking the button or call us on 0330 880 4444

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