Delivering the future of contact centres…giving your customers the option of self-serve with the ability to communicate with an agent at the click of a button
Webchat and FAQs

Giving the customer the option of FAQ before connecting with an agent

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Interactive webchat…

Customer and agent friendly system, suitable for use on any website.

Threaded conversation history…

When fully integrated within our Digidesk platform you can access all conversation history across all channels.

FAQ deflection…

Reducing the number of customer contacts by beginning each chat journey with FAQs, helping to free up agents for complex customer conversations

Dynamic FAQs…

FAQs help customers to find the answers they are looking for without leaving the page. This contributes to the reduction of site abandonment rates and the increase of contact deflection whilst also increasing customer satisfaction.

Platform compatibility…

Our FAQ system is compatible with third-party web-chat platforms.

Smarter agent working…

Agents can see the customer journey through the web pages and FAQs they visited prior to beginning a conversation via webchat.

Over-the-phone demonstration

Make your contact centre a step ahead of the rest today by requesting an “over-the-phone” demonstration of our Webchat and FAQ solutions, by clicking the button or call us on 0330 880 4444

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